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Summary & Rating

Rating | 4/5

A Brief History of time by Stephen Hawking is a captivating journey into the heart of Quantum Mechanics. Hawking holds your hand through many of the seemingly complex and convoluted topics.

The book begins with an overview of the modern day understanding of time and space. Two tightly coupled dimensions of our physical reality, as formalized by Einstein in 1915. Hawking guides the reader on the next leg of their journey through time and space by describing the Quantum interpretation.

Explained clearly and in terms anyone could understand, Hawking dives into many of the novel new discoveries in physics including uncertainty, non-linear time, entanglement, and many others. Referencing popular experiments in quantum physics including the double-slit experiment, particle acceleration at CERN, and gravitational waves to name a few.

A fantastic read that will captivate any reader brave enough to question what they thought they knew about the world and how it works.