Hello Friend

Machu Picchu

About a week ago my friends and I went on a bachelor trip to South America. Since most of us live in the northern United States and southern Canada, the journey was going to be long and boring. It was going to take us a full day of traveling filled with a lot of waiting around for layovers. Luckily for me, my friends are always looking for ways to pass the time and compete with one another. So in order to fill those long hours in between flights, nearly our entire travel group got into chess.

Over the next several hours and continually thereafter, anytime two people had a moment together - they would play a game of Chess. Sitting in the back of the car? Quick game of Chess. Waiting for our food during lunch? Quick game of Chess. You get the idea.

Addendum: Its been a few months now since we have returned from Peru and 1/2 of the travel group still plays regularly. We have an average ELO of around 700 at the time of writing this update, with my personal ELO around the mid to high 700s.